B1 Writing: Formal Letter

    B1 Formal Letter You live beside a school and there have been problems with children causing noise and fighting after school. Write a letter to the headteacher of the school, Mr Brown, explaining the problems you have seen, … Read More

Reading B1 – Exercises

Before our students start doing Trinity’s past papers, we try to do some easier reading activities with them. For stronger classes, these reading activities can be used as some quick homework, so that students are at least interacting with English … Read More

B1 Writing: introducción a la parte 3

¿Cómo integrar información de los 4 textos en tu writing – ¡y sin copiar!? ¡Con mucha información en inglés, 4 textos y poco tiempo muchas veces resulta agobiante!   1. Este pequeno ejercicio te ayudará a saber emprender ejercicios más … Read More

B1 Reading: Guy Fawkes Day

At Tri Pro English we believe in good quality resources! But we don’t think teachers should be permanently grafting outside the class to provide them!!! Try B1 listening 11 with your classes! A few exercises to take off the prep-strain… … Read More

For Teachers: Fossilised Errors

Preparing students for the writing element of the Trinity ISE Exams is theoretically the most straightforward element in the new ISE exams. Trinity have been formally examining writing for much longer than listening – and there are certainly resources out … Read More

B1 Reading: Christmas Activity

  At this time of year – the less prep – the better! 🙂 We’ve got a 3 text reading exercise here for your classes, with answers of course! B1 style Christmas Reading exercise B1 style-Christmas Reading-answers Extend the activity … Read More

B1 Errores Comunes

Si no quieres oír el grito escalofriante de tu profesor de inglés, no le enseñes esta página bajo ninguna circunstancia. ¡Ningún candidato de B1 o B2 debería cometer estos errores TAN básicos! ¿Eres capaz de identificarlos?   I will can … Read More

For Teachers: Writing – Discursive and Descriptive

Can your students tell the difference between a discursive and descriptive essay? Ask them to look at these prompts and decide which is descriptive and which is discursive:   1. Write an essay about public transport in your country. Say … Read More

For Teachers: B1 Writing topics and Ideas

It’s easy to concentrate on vocabulary for the writing themes which also appear in the speaking exams (left column), but have your students had some practice with the themes on the right?   Here are some writing prompts we like … Read More

Las 10 Normas de Oro para aprobar la Parte 3 Del Examen B1

  En la tercera parte es donde hay que contestar una pregunta utilizando información de los 4 textos que has leído en la parte dos. Gracias a Trinity por habernos dado este video sobre la parte 3 ¡Esta lleno de … Read More