B2 Reading: Halloween

  The Celtic Roots of Halloween   Halloween has been celebrated, in some form, for over 2000 years. It became part of the Christian tradition when the Romans invaded regions such as the north of France, England and Wales, where … Read More

B2 Reading: Gap fill (rellenar huecos)

  ¿Ya tienes nuestra app de B2? Ahora puedes practicar una destreza que vas a necesitar en el examen de Reading 🙂 Rellena los huecos con la palabra adequada. Puedes usar 1-3 palabras. Recuerda: solo es válido una respuesta – … Read More

Reading B2: World of Work

Getting a lot of practice in reading slightly more challenging texts is ESSENTIAL in B2. If students are not confident readers, they get off to a bad start, and often struggle for time. This was previously a very difficult listening … Read More

B1 Reading: Guy Fawkes Day

At Tri Pro English we believe in good quality resources! But we don’t think teachers should be permanently grafting outside the class to provide them!!! Try B1 listening 11 with your classes! A few exercises to take off the prep-strain… … Read More