C1 Listening: Bag

  You will hear the recording twice, and then the examiner will ask you questions.       Want more C1 listening? Let us know on our Facebook page!    

C1 Listening: Shopping

Welcome to C1 listening! If you’ve passed your B1 and B2, you’ll have no trouble reading this 🙂 ! So what is NEW in the C1 listenings? What makes them different from B2? What is the same? Speed is similar … Read More

B2 Listening: Introduction

Help your students get a better grasp of B2 listening with our worksheets! Starting B2 listening can be intimidating – there’s a lot of information – and the recordings are LONG! These can be used without much prep, and help … Read More

B2 Listening: ¿cómo es el examen?

B2 candidates, of course, understand English very well 🙂 But you can look at the Spanish version just to check!

¿Cómo es examen de listening B1 Trinity?

Primero, tendrás que hacer el parte de speaking (topic, conversación) y luego el examinador pasará al listening de B1 En el examen de Trinity, escucharás el listening dos veces. Si es un “part 1 listening” llevará también preguntas. Tendrás que … Read More