B2 Reading: Halloween

  The Celtic Roots of Halloween   Halloween has been celebrated, in some form, for over 2000 years. It became part of the Christian tradition when the Romans invaded regions such as the north of France, England and Wales, where … Read More

B2 – Rellena los huecos – parte 2

¬ŅYa tienes nuestra app de B2? Ahora puedes practicar una destreza que vas a necesitar en el examen de Reading ūüôā Rellena los huecos con la palabra adequada. Puedes usar 1-3 palabras. Recuerda: solo es v√°lido una respuesta – la … Read More

Speaking B1: Dinero/ Money

¬°10 preguntas dif√≠ciles! ¬ŅPuedes entenderlas? ¬ŅPuedes contestarlas? *using your credit/ debit card, but not entering the pin number

Speaking B2: Famous Figures Past and Present

10 VERY difficult questions on this subject! Can you answer them all? Remember, when you give your answer –¬† answer like a B2 candidate! : give reasons for your response/choice e.g¬† “He acts like an idiot, and is only famous … Read More

Listening B1: Numbers extra practice!

Numbers can be a real stumbling block for some students. Here are our extra practice listening exercises – bingo, the (very popular) zoo* and the airport.   Listening B1 Numbers Bingo   Listening B1 Numbers Zoo Listening B1 Numbers Zoo … Read More

B2 Listening: Introduction

Help your students get a better grasp of B2 listening with our worksheets! Starting B2 listening can be intimidating – there’s a lot of information – and the recordings are LONG! These can be used without much prep, and help … Read More

B1 Writing: introducción a la parte 3

¬ŅC√≥mo integrar informaci√≥n de los 4 textos en tu writing – ¬°y sin copiar!? ¬°Con mucha informaci√≥n en ingl√©s, 4 textos y poco tiempo muchas veces resulta agobiante!   1. Este pequeno ejercicio te ayudar√° a saber emprender ejercicios m√°s … Read More

B2 Speaking: Showing off in the exam (For Teachers)

What are the skills which really make a difference between passing and failing in the speaking exam? With the help of Lancaster University in the UK, Trinity analysed their own English exam results – and found out the B2 candidates … Read More

B2 Speaking: 7 trucos para pavonearse en el examen

Justo antes de navidad, Trinity public√≥ unos nueva informaci√≥n para profesores. Despu√©s de haber llevado acabo un estudio cient√≠fico sobre sus ex√°menes (con la ayuda de una universidad en el Reino Unido), Trinity ha descubierto que hay unas t√©cnicas empleadas … Read More

B2 Topic: ¬ŅPuedo usar mi topic de B1?

“Can I use my B1 topic for B2?” Pues… no. Doing exactly the same topic in B1 and B2 is not a good idea. Hacer exactamente la misma cosa en B1 y B2 no es una buena idea. It‚Äôs too … Read More