C1 Listening: Bag

  You will hear the recording twice, and then the examiner will ask you questions.       Want more C1 listening? Let us know on our Facebook page!    

Speaking B2: Famous Figures Past and Present

10 VERY difficult questions on this subject! Can you answer them all? Remember, when you give your answer –  answer like a B2 candidate! : give reasons for your response/choice e.g  “He acts like an idiot, and is only famous … Read More

Listening B1: Numbers extra practice!

Numbers can be a real stumbling block for some students. Here are our extra practice listening exercises – bingo, the (very popular) zoo* and the airport.   Listening B1 Numbers Bingo   Listening B1 Numbers Zoo Listening B1 Numbers Zoo … Read More

B1 Speaking: Viajes

“Travel” es un tema muy importante para los candidatos de B1. Entra en el examen escrito con frecuencia, y por supuesto forma parte de la conversación en el examen oral. Antes de HABLAR de viajes, normalmente hacemos unas actividades con … Read More