10 VERY difficult questions on this subject!
Can you answer them all?
Remember, when you give your answer –  answer like a B2 candidate! :

  • give reasons for your response/choice e.g  “He acts like an idiot, and is only famous because of his family”
  • say if other people agree with you  e.g. “I think everyone in Spain would agree with me about that!”
  • ask the examiner a related question  e.g. “Have you ever heard of Kiko Rivera?”

Try to answer the audio BEFORE checking the English below!

1.What do [Spanish/your nationality] people think about reality TV stars?

2.Did you want to be famous when you were younger?

3. Is there a famous person who inspires you?

4. Do you think famous people are obliged to have plastic surgery as they get older?

5. Who is the most respected famous person in [Spain/your country]?

6. If you were famous, would you consider “selling out”, and doing lots of adverts and commercials?

7. Which famous person from the past would you most like to be?

8. If you could travel in time to meet one famous person, who would you choose and why?

9. Do you think actors who don’t speak English are at a great disadvantage?

10. What do you think about people who are famous thanks to social media channels such as YouTube?


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