Numbers can be a real stumbling block for some students.
Here are our extra practice listening exercises – bingo, the (very popular) zoo* and the airport.


Listening B1 Numbers Bingo

Shops started to sell the Pac Man video game in 1980.

On January 14th in 1703, there was an earthquake in Italy.

In 3022 some people say that we will have a base on the moon.

On January the 6th 1550, a Spanish explorer founded a new city in Colombia. In 403, the Romans were very powerful.

Duke Fredrick died on May 5th, 1439.

Edward Norton starred in the film “The Illusionist” in 2006.

The first English civil war started in 1643.

The University of Puerto Rico opened in 1903.

In 1250 King Louis of France was captured by the Egyptians.

There was a very large earthquake in Lisbon in 1755.

The famous actor, Gene Hackman, was born in 1930.

In 1915 the first long distance telephone call took place.

The new scientific facilities at the university will be completed in 2025. The pope moved from Italy to France in 1309.

In 1116, one of the first modern books was made in China.


Listening B1 Numbers Zoo
Listening B1 Numbers Zoo Answers

Welcome to your tour of the zoo! We’re one of the biggest zoos in the country and we have around 1 million visitors every year. Today we have a special offer, and so the entry price is only £5.50.

The first exhibit we’re going to see is the tropical reptile house. Reptiles are cold blooded, so this part of the zoo is kept at between 27 to 38 degrees celsius throughout the year. Our longest snake here is called Tony. He’s a python, and he’s 24 feet long. Although he’s big he can’t move very fast, he can only move at around one mile per hour.

Next we’re going to cross the river to the penguin enclosure. This river was built to allow the penguins to swim freely. These penguins swim at around five miles per hour and they love to dive deep under the water. This river is 7 feet wide and 5 feet deep. Although we can only see about 10 penguins today, there are many more underwater, 26 in total.

We can hear the elephants already! The can make very loud noises with their trunks – this sound is often measured at over 100 decibels. All of our 12 elephants are African elephants: the biggest land mammals. They often reach three to four metres tall when fully grown and some of our elephants even weigh over 6,000 kilograms.


Listening B1 Numbers Airport
Listening B1 Numbers Airport Answers

Welcome to Hong Kong airport! Hong Kong International airport first opened to passengers July 1998. We are among the world’s busiest passenger airports and, in 2015, over 68 million passengers came through our doors.

Now we have two runways which are each 3,800 metres long. Over 100 airlines use our airport, and at our busiest times around 68 aeroplanes are landing and taking off every hour. This airport also has 256 shops in the terminal buildings, and approximately 73,000 staff work here in total.

This aeroplane has just landed; it’s a Boeing 747 and it’s massive – it weighs nearly 970,000 pounds. The plane usually flies at an altitude of 11,000 metres and at a speed of 893km/hr. The engineers working on the ground are wearing ear protectors because the jet engines are very loud: during take off the sound can measure up to 150 decibels.

In a few hours this plane will fly to New York but if you want to buy a seat now, it will cost you over 9 thousand dollars, so I’d recommend you book well in advance if you want to take a long haul flight from this airport!


*one of our most listened to tracks!

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