Get the chat started using some of these websites and group activity ideas!
Remember fluency counts – examiners want to hear candidates using a wide range of vocabulary about these subjects – give them plenty of in-class speaking time!



Question for the class:
“How many environmental problems can you think of?” (Group work)

This website lists 30 Important Environmental Concerns:

Did your class get them all? Did you think of any which weren’t included on the list?
This is a great way to give students some key vocabulary for a wide range of environmental topics.



Questions for the class:
“Do you think people have a better life in Spain or Japan?”
“Which countries have worse living standards and quality of life than in Spain?”
“Which countries have better conditions?”

The organisation for Economic Cooperation and development has an interactive index, including important measures of quality of life such as work-life balance and civic engagement. Great for provoking discussion and learning some helpful vocabulary!



Questions for the class:

Which countries have the best work-life balance?

(List in bold half way down page)
Do you agree with this list?

What are the 10 easiest, and best paying jobs?
Do you agree with this list?



What are your core values?
Use this article as a structure for your students to explore their core values:

The main points to work through are – in pairs, or in groups:

core values questions
Then identify:

Why was each of these experiences memorable?
Which values were involved (LONG list on page!)
Why might knowing our core values be important? (help us find meaningful work, prioritise)



Smartest Celebrity

Ask students to rank these celebrities (don’t show them their reported IQ)

smartest celebrity

Who is the most intelligent? Why?

Answers (reported IQ)

smartest celeb 2

Shakira (141)
Madonna (140)
Tom Cruise (94)
Matt Damon (140)
Paris Hilton (132)
Quentin Tarantino (160)
Britney Spears (104)

Are you surprised at the results? What had you expected?
Do you think the IQ scores can be trusted?


Looking for some B2 listening exercises?

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