rellena los huecos B2

¿Ya tienes nuestra app de B2?
Ahora puedes practicar una destreza que vas a necesitar en el examen de Reading 🙂

Rellena los huecos con la palabra adequada.
Puedes usar 1-3 palabras.

Recuerda: solo es válido una respuesta – la frase/la palabra tal cual!


¿no tienes la app? ¿A qué esperas?



Intermediate Listening 8

1. Nowadays we’re very ______________ thanks to the internet and the devices we use to access it.
2. In the past people used to send postcards when they were on ________________.
3. If you make plans or ______________ you can change them at the last minute.
4. In some countries, it’s illegal to ________________, if you aren’t being paid for your time.
5. Online _____________ has been a great success, many people now meet their partners via the web.

1. well connected
2. holiday
3. arrangements
4. take work home
5. dating



Intermediate Listening 9

1. Planet earth is home to a wide ______________ of plants and animals, and it’s a variety that we should respect and protect.
2. If the ______________ is rich in nutrients and minerals, the ground will be very fertile and support many crops.
3. __________________ may be impeded or slowed by a lack of biodiversity.
4. When a __________________ occurs, diverse populations of plants and animals help ensure the survival of at least some of these groups.
5. We should redouble our ________________ biodiversity, given its importance in our lives.

1. range
2. soil
3. scientific progress
4. natural disaster (earthquakes, forest fires – plurales, flooding – con “a” – no)
5. efforts to preserve


Intermediate Listening 10

1. In the UK, the volunteers who give blood are ___________, that is to say they don’t receive compensation for their donation.
2. A ________________________ is an example of a medical emergency for which blood is often needed.
3. The people who work in the blood donation unit should be ______________________.
4. After you give blood, you will usually be offered _____________.
5. The staff ____________ volunteers prior to donation.

1. unpaid
2. complicated childbirth
3. welcoming/ reassuring/ welcoming and reassuring
4. tea or coffee
5. screen


Intermediate Listening 11

1. Lynne Cox swam in near freezing water with only a ____________________.
2. Alex Honnold does mountain ______________ with very little equipment.
3. Although Erik Weihenmayer ____________ when he was young, his life is still full of adventure.
4. As he fell, Felix Baumgartner exceeded the _________________.
5. Guillaume Nery holds his breath when he _____________.

1. swimsuit and goggles
2. climbing / ascents
3. lost his sight
4. speed of sound
5. dives


Intermediate Listening 12

1. The popular and ________________ plan to create protected reading time in a French school has received a lot of attention in the press.
2. Although reading is relaxing and enjoyable, it’s also a ___________________.
3. In a world of social media and constant interruptions, a skill which improves children’s _________________ is very valuable indeed.
4. Reading _______________ is a great way to help children become more empathetic.
5. Reading regularly can _________________ , so it’s great for our mental health.

1. innovative
2. mental workout
3. attention spans
4. fiction/ regularly
5. lower stress levels


Intermediate Listening 13

1. If we want our CV to stand out when the _________ is reading it, we should prepare it carefully.
2. Getting a group of friends together to do some ________________ in order to come up with some ideas can be helpful.
3. If you try to write your CV ____________ every time you apply for a new job, it could be very time consuming.
4. In Europe, employers usually expect to see _________________ at the top of your application.
5. Don’t forget to ______________ your CV for spelling or punctuation errors.

1. recruiter
2. brainstorming
3. from scratch
4. a photo
5. proofread


Intermediate reading 14

1. People who are ________________ of crimes in Norway go to prison to be rehabilitated, rather than punished.
2. Prisons in Norway are ________________ to be calming and to promote good behaviour.
3. People say that the Norwegian system would not be practical in the UK because it is too _______________.
4. Staff in Halden and Bastoy prisons are _________________ especially if we compare them to staff in British prisons.
5. The Norwegian system is said to be successful because ____________________ is very rare.

1. convicted
2. designed
3. expensive
4. highly trained
5. repeat offending


¡Rellena los huecos! Parte 1
¿buscas consejos sobre el topic de B2?

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