rellenar huecos B2 app


¿Ya tienes nuestra app de B2?
Ahora puedes practicar una destreza que vas a necesitar en el examen de Reading 🙂

Rellena los huecos con la palabra adequada.
Puedes usar 1-3 palabras.

Recuerda: solo es válido una respuesta – la frase/la palabra tal cual!


¿no tienes la app? ¿A qué esperas?


Easy listening

1. The way famous people make money has __________________ because of social media.
2. __________________ of fans now follow Kim Kardashian
3. Not happy to __________________ for simply appearing on television, Kim started her own company.
4. Advertisers can pay celebrities __________________ various different products.
5. You can download a Kim Kardashian game, where you can pretend to be a __________________.

1. been transformed
2. Tens of millions
3. settle
4. to promote
5. celebrity (A list celebrity = no… a vs an)


Easy listening 2

1. Pet __________________ can be very expensive, because you have to buy food and special equipment.
2. If you want a pet, and you don’t own your own house, your __________________ will have to agree.
3. A __________________ animal will find (sometimes destructive!) ways to entertain themselves.
4. __________________ pets are easier to look after – it’s worth taking time to train them!
5. Some animals have to be __________________ if their owners can’t cope, and it’s very sad.

1. ownership
2. landlord
3. bored
4. Well behaved
5. given up


Easy listening 3

1. Evidence suggests that you can cut your travel time in __________________ with a bike.
2. You are __________________ to less pollution than car drivers.
3. Thanks to saving money on petrol and car insurance, most people are __________________ owning a bike.
4. Cycling can __________________ our chances of developing many diseases.
5. Frequent cycling has been shown to __________________, reducing wrinkles.

1. half
2. exposed
3. better off
4. reduce
5. protect your skin


Easy listening 4

1. Colin Wright __________________ that he owns fewer than 55 possessions.
2. Minimalism is part of the backlash against a __________________.
3. Minimalism could have a __________________ on our personal space and the environment in general.
4. We sometimes keep gifts because they __________________ rather than because they are useful.
5. Critics say that minimalism is __________________.

1. claims
2. consumerist society
3. positive impact
4. hold memories
5. extreme and cold


Easy listening 5

1. The brain responds powerfully to __________________ to music.
2. Thanks to __________________ in technology, we now know much more about the brain than before.
3. If we use music at __________________ it could help us sleep better.
3. We can fight __________________ and exercise for longer if we listen to uplifting music.
4. Learning to play an instrument could even __________________ on children.

1. playing and listening / listening
2. advances / recent advances
3. bedtime
4. fatigue
5. confer advantages


Easy listening 6

1. __________________ complaints, people of Belfast will soon have a specialised area where they can exercise their dogs.
2. It’s not possible to make the outdoor spaces completely __________________ so some neighbours may be disturbed.
3. The park owners said that the site __________________ people to clean up after their pets.
4. The park charges a __________________ for entry.
5. It is hoped that the new jobs will help __________________.

1. Despite
2. soundproof
3. encouraged
4. high price
5. the local economy


Easy listening 7

1. The quality of products and produce from Wales have recently been acknowledged by __________________.
2. Nick Tonkin’s award winning honey is __________________ thanks to an abundance of local wild flowers.
3. __________________ mushrooms are a local delicacy.
4. Seaweed is highly __________________ and has a great flavour too!
5. The Purple Moose Brewery has been the recipient of __________________.

1. international culinary circles/ culinary circles/ chefs
2. delicately flavoured
3. Wild
4. nutritious
5. several industry awards/ industry awards





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