¿cómo es_ B2

B2 candidates, of course, understand English very well 🙂
But you can look at the Spanish version just to check!

You will hear each track/recording twice.

The first time the track/recording is played you cannot take notes.

After the the first listen, you tell the examiner the gist, or general idea of the listening exercise.

The examiner will give you an instruction:

e.g. “Now listen again, and tell me the advantages of fast food restaurants“.

While you listen for a second time, you will be able to take notes.

You must identify the relevant information and, when the recording finishes, give the examiner the information that you have identified.

This is a listening and oral exam. The examiner will not look at your notes.

En el examen de B2 escucharás el listening una vez, sin tomar notas, para después decirle al examinador el tema principal del audio.

El examinador te dará unas instrucciones como: “Tell me the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars”, y a continuación tendrás que escuchar el audio otra vez, puedes tomar notas tranquilo/a el examinador no se fijará en ellas, para al final contar al examinador las ventajas y desventajas.

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