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B2 speaking expression for your likes and dislikes – FORMAL and INFORMAL



  • To be into (verbing/noun): something you really enjoy.  (INFORMAL)

They are into learning about different cultures and customs from other countries around the world.

  • Something appeals to someone : When you like the idea of something.

The idea of travelling and working in various countries abroad has always appealed to me/to her/to him.

  • To be attracted to

I’m attracted to jobs in the tourist industry

I’m attracted to Peter (careful – this always means in a romantic sense

  • To have a soft spot for : to have a liking to someone or something.  (INFORMAL)

I have always had a soft spot for Brad Pitt.

  • To be keen on / to be fond of (verbing or noun) : when you like/enjoy something.  (INFORMAL)

Charlotte has always been fond of learning about the history of her country.



  • Can´t bear the thought of (verbing): doesn’t want to think about it !   (INFORMAL)

Juan can´t bear the thought of doing his English speaking exam tomorrow.

  • To be not looking forward to (verbing) :

Claire is not looking forward to starting her new job in London.


DETEST: Stronger than DISLIKE!

  • Can´t put up with (verbing or noun) : when you detest something

We can´t put up with the noise from the street anymore! (INFORMAL)

She can’t put up with living at home with her mother!

  • Can´t stand it when (noun) :

I can´t stand it when people throw their rubbish on the pavement.  (INFORMAL)

  • To loathe:

Sam loathes people who chew when they are eating their food.   (STRONG, FORMAL)


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