formal letter B1


B1 Formal Letter

You live beside a school and there have been problems with children causing noise and fighting after school. Write a letter to the headteacher of the school, Mr Brown, explaining the problems you have seen, how it they are affecting people in the local area, and what you think the school should do.

¡¡¡Hay que organizar tus ideas ANTES de escribir!!! Incluso puedes hacerlo en español.


Problems: shouting, fighting, drinking, graffiti  (pasado continuo, presente perfecto)
Affecting people: people are scared, people working at night can’t sleep, people are angry (conectores, cantidad ¿futuro?)
What school should do: have strict punishments, help respect community, watch children more  (condicionales, modales, ¿futuro?)


Formal letter

55 Green Street

Green Street School
40 Green Street

11th October 2017


Dear Mr Brown,

Re: Behaviour of students after school

I am writing to you regarding the problems with children in the street after school.

Students have been shouting and fighting for many weeks. In addition, some pupils have been drinking alcohol and painting graffiti on walls. In the past students were shouting sometimes, but the other problems are new.

Students do not have respect for people in this area. Many people feel bad about these problems, because they feel scared. Furthermore, people with jobs at night cannot sleep during the day. If the problems continue, people will be very angry.

From my perspective the school should do more to stop the problems. If teachers watch students after school, students will be well behaved. Students musthave respect for the neighbours, and they should have to do punishments if the problems continue.

I look forward to hearing from you about this issue,

Yours sincerely,

Your name 🙂 (no olvides – es irrespectuoso)


Para empezar:

I am writing to you about regarding – regarding ¡más formal!
I write with respect to… the problems with children in the street after school
It has come to my attention that… there have been problems with children in the street after school

Para terminar:

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely – conoces el nombre de la persona (Mr Brown)
Yours faithfully – no conoces el nombre

Gramática de B1 – es muy importante incluir varios ejemplos.

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