ISE 1 B1 Essay/ ensayo writing exam

Essay B1:

Write an essay about whether people really need to own a car nowadays.


Is a Car Necessary Nowadays?

In this essay I will examine whether people need to have a car in modern life.

Most people have a car because it is more convenient and comfortable than public transport, above all if you live in the countryside. People prefer to feel independent and do not enjoy waiting in the street for a bus. Cars have always been practical for people with young families, and it is easier to discover new places with a car.

However, having a car has lots of downsides. If you want to learn to drive, you will have to pay a lot of money. In addition, cars and petrol are expensive. If you live in the city, it is difficult to find a parking space, and so public transport could be more convenient. Using public transport is better for the environment, but in the future it is possible that there will be other options, for example electric cars.

PDF here/aquí



Titulo, párrafos, pensar en ideas positivas y negativas ANTES de escribir.
Hablamos más de ideas en general que experiencias personales o opiniones personales. No usamos las contracciones.



In this essay I will examine…
This essay will examine…
In this essay I will discuss..



above all
in addition
it is possible that* (después de “that” es como volver a empezar una frase, necesitamos un sujeto o el gerundio. El subjuntivo en inglés no se usa mucho, despues de escribir “es posible que” usamos un verbo indicativo).

*no es un “conector” exactamente… pero es muy útil 🙂




People prefer TO + verb
(they) do not enjoy + verb + ing
x has always been (singular) / x have always been (plural)
could be (modals)
there will be (futuro)
cuando empezamos una frase con un verbo, usamos el gerundio (a menos que quieras decir “con el fin de”) e.g. “However, having a car”, “Using public transport”



conocer un sitio = to discover a place/ to get to know a place to know a place

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