Christmas reading


At this time of year – the less prep – the better! 🙂

We’ve got a 3 text reading exercise here for your classes, with answers of course!
B1 style Christmas Reading exercise

B1 style-Christmas Reading-answers
Extend the activity with this Part 3 writing task:

Write an article for parents planning to visit Rovaniemi with their children in the winter.

Give examples of fun activities available for children.

Say what adults could do while they are there.

Tell parents what they should remember to pack.
There are some traps here:

“say what adults could do while they are there” – this should be answered thinking about the reader- yes they can introduce the idea of “adults can enjoy a sauna or a trip to a local restaurant”, but they should also be addressing the adults directly as “you”.

Students should not mention the midnight sun as this is a SUMMER activity.


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